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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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every $1 million worth of construction projects. new bay bridge at $6.5 billion have had no major injuries no significant accidents until now. went by the rap namewell kenny clutch. police believe it began with an argument outside of the area hotel÷;b after it escalatd someone shot at the maz ratty which then crashed into a taxi. >> a funeral held for a 13-year-old girl whose body was nound in a fairfield park just hours after her suspected killer appeared in court. the naked body of ge. nelle conway allen was found. she was livingdpzcewith her younger brother in a foster home when she died her sister
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talked about her positive outlook. >> like calm down, it's all good1mhtp. she's like, i'm here no, matter what. going always be here. >> anthony lamar jones not the not guilty and will be back in court again, tomorrow, fbi wrapped up an investigation on so called speed freak killers and did not find new human remains. it began after serial killer wesley shermantine revealed he and his partner buried bodies there decades ago. >> south san francisco police looking for a man who assaulted a 19-year-old exchange student from japan when she won't talk to him. it happened last night.
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the woman had gotten off a train. her until coming across another person on the trail. >> a study of fish shows we're not always getting what we're paying for abc 7 news is live in monterey. some of the fish samples were activitied. -- tested. >> that is true. many do choose fish due to taste and avoiding those species high in mercury or threatened by overfishing. mislabeling turning out to be higher in california than other parts of the country. it's an accusation of bait and switch. 1200 samples were tested. nationwideáímú third indicated the fish mislabeled. consumers paying for expensive
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fish butu?=/t getting cheaper f. >> i think we can be easily fooled for whatever reason. i think supplyers say this looks like whatever. so we'll make =a>é be that. >> mislabeling in northern california was higher than national average. 27% of the fish purchased in grocery stores, 58% in restaurants, and a staggering 76% in sushi restaurants. often snapper and tuna was mislabeled. the manager of johnny's haror side restaurant said she had to change suppliers. >> it trickles down. you just, you know have you to pick through suppliers you know and trust. good thing is that fish we get from friends and neighbors. >> seafood watch points out restaurants often don't see
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the whole fish. >> it's shocking. one thing to remember is a lot of these retailers and restaurants are getting fillets. it's difficult to tep tel one from the next. >> restaurants say fish pass through many hands and it will take more consumer education and perhaps new laws to ensure with it is what it says it is. >> if they want to get the project correct everyone is going to have to get involved starting with the consumer. >> lawmakers now working on legislation to provide stronger consumer protection. >> thank you. >> nobody from oakland a's or anyone from major league baseball is commenting but a report says the commission's office have not outline aid plan for a's to move so san jose. saying the commissioner has given a to do list for the
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team. plan fires downtown park in san jose have been drawn up. officials sake that report as a positive sign. >> this is, i think fifrs positive indication that they're considering a move, allowing a's to move from oakland to san jose. >> the conflict makes it unlikely the a's will move from the lease isunk up. >> if you've been with us past couple nights you may have seen my interview with president obama. but my advise writ went beyond talking with the commander in chief. i was given an insider's look at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and the people it takes to keep the place running. >> we're standing now in the diplomatic reception room. >> william allman has been the
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cure rateor for 46 years. >> this swhit house library. >> from the presidential library to the red, green, and blue rooms. senate dining room a portrait of abraham lincoln looks over dignitaries from around the world. down the ceremony yil hall, the east room. nelson mandela entertained here, presidentford sworn in to office here. i toured the grounds outside. >> i'm on the south lawn. just over that edge is where marine one lands to take the president whenever he needs to go. just yards from the white house is the first lady's vegetable garden she planted to teach people about healthy living and eating. >> you, sam, serve food out of the garden? >> absolutely. during winter you can see we
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get to pick this great bounty but during summer we zront to buy a single vegetable. >> 180 people work inside, including ellie schaeffer, responsible for many special events here. >> from san francisco, having fun here at the white house. >> my favorite day is when the gaints came to get their world series trophy. >> howy from fremont. >> this is a great privilege. >> it's a wonderful privilege, yes. something i never imagined doing. it's a lot of fun. >> a remarkable ride for her and a remarkable visit for me. coming up my interview at the white house, you'll hear from 779'u2/é$0 secretaries about the goals term.
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glad to have you back here. >> break news now out of morgan hill. there has been a 3.2 earthquake near morgan hill. we'll continue to monitor it for you. >> coming up number one reason people aren't griping about credit card services lately r- >> i never it would happen. >> yes. we wish would it happen to us, right? meet the newest lottery winner and see what he wants to do with the new neg egg, hint, it involves chicken autos yes. yes what. thousands 6 teachers are missing that could be hurting your child's education. from the roof. broadcast center a weak weather system is headed our way. what does this mean for the weekend plans? we'll find out coming up.
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thousands of california teachers working with subjects they're not qualified to teach that. is according to an investigation by our media partner california watch a cording to the state commission on teaching credentialing. 32,000 school employees do not have credentials necessary. problem appears to be a bigger issue at low perm yorming schools, instructors asked to teach swubts out proper certification. finding teacher shortages in science, math and special education can be a part of the problem. >> a routine habit turned into
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a winning move. lottery scratchers he buys turned nim a million dollar winner. abc 7 news joins whais blans to do with that jackpot. >> marc brown won his scratcher here at alex's 49er inn. he told me he won a couple times, hundreds and thousands of dollars but was stunned when he won $1 million. now, a surprise, what he's planning to do with the money. spending it on his new hobby, raising chickens. >> i bought two of the $10 tickets. and actually first one was the fill milin. >> marc brown shows me what he did on christmas eve just before he scratched his way to $1 million in winnings. it's a moment he calls surreal. >> i know the odds. i never thought would it happen. >> he has spent more than 20 years buying these $10
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scratchers in his favorite bar. he spent more money than he'd like to admit. 2#2..j÷÷ the bar he hasn't seen anyone win this big. he's thrill owed to receive $5,000, he is happier for one of the most down to earth regular autos anyone deserves to win it's mark. he really did. couldn't have ask for a better man he just keeps on playing $20 after $20 bill we saw him put into the machine. >> that is calledx%i lucky for life. is that how you're feel something. >> you might be surprised to learn what he'll do with $750,000 after taxes. mark's friend gave him a rooster about a year ago. >> i found out i should get hens and i got him one hen. >> 25 hens, two roosters later he says every day, hens lay up
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to 30 degrees daily. this is where he'd like to spend winnings. more chickens, horses and goats and saichl acre farm. >> hopefully, i can find a mini farm to expand this. >> in addition he's going to spent money spoiling his two daughters five and 27. those scratchers today he won $60 from them. reporting live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> a gallon of regular costs 50 cents more. >> michael finney says prices might reach anwldg all-time hig. >> every time you go it's just amazing. prices are high. and the average for a gal
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yochb regular gasoline senate hit $4.20 today z dan just said than in july. in san francisco, average $4.20 a gallon. san francisco usually is more expensive. prices are penniesws keeper elsewhere in oakland, $4:12. why sit so expensive? experts blame rising oil prices, repairs and a zoich a summer blendi motorists say they don't like it. >> it hurts. >> not going to drive as much. use bicycles more. >> experts predict prices will keep rising and then, expect more increases onyp+- memorial y
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when thousands of motorists will hit the roads. >> consumer groups for a huge increase in credit card companies. today, complaints rank in top 10. big drop and it's in plain evening lish. however, some consumers still complain accounts are closed after they pay on time z even more than the minimum required. home sales have have been a rebound remains robust. five million homes will be sold. national association of realtors says that is a pace
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9% higher than this time last year, home prices up mer than 12%. inventory remains tight. and people to sell are waiting for prices to go up. >> thank you very much. >>sñzñ and and and we're live on the roof of the building with a great-looking forecast. >> absolutely. we won't welcome you back with anything but clear skies here. good evening, it's beautiful up here. it's going to stay this way for the start of the friday. then... things will be changing. you'll see we do have a few clouds moving through.
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no moyer now. but that could be changing. check out a live picture. you can see high clouds there are filtering sunshine this afternoon. it's 56 in san jose. highs from mid-50s low 60s, you can see the sun and high clouds, 60 degrees in santa rosa. 58 in concord and los gatos. what is coming getting closer to the weekend just don't cancel plans and we may see drops early saturday morning it's a weak system high pressure controlling factor
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drier pattern into next week with exception of the weak system. /a is going to kuchl through. it's going to be sunny and nice. then, friday, you can see clouds coming in. may see showers or sprinkles early saturday morning but i won't cancel plans onñt behalf of the weak system. many of you will be sleeping when we might see drops. morn morning it's going to be getting cold. 34 santa rosa. vallejo, 47. here)6wsñ highs for friday. great way to end the week. 62 palo alto. 61 san francisco.
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oakland, 616789 sorry, computer just blowing through this, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. looking at, we're not going look at accu-weather forecast. we're going toll but another great resource. our live doppler 7 hd you can follow it on twitter. plus getke%4c video forecast, pr outage information and weather çññe weather team here. follow us on twitter. it's a great resource. a lot of pollers already. >> we're following thank you very much. >> it's good to have dan back. oscars just days away. abc 7 is the only place to watch this sunday.
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you can countdown with our app. back stage pass feature giving you best access with a dozen eç and from the red carpet. our app available for on droid, and kindel fire. >> a virtual oscars party this sunday. hang out with,!%b 95,000 other fans to post your opinion on fashion, flops, oscar snubs . rsvp today. >> our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can see star arriving with red carpet life and then, big show begins at 5:30. we'll have your path to the
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oscar special followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> coming up biggest race in california wants your involvement. >> drive behind california's new gold rush and
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sky 7 is live over skai city college. a dozen students are occupying the hall protesting the chance skplort possibility of losing it's accreditation. it's scheduled to close in just minutes and the students say they will not leave we'll update you at 6:00 tonight. >> a major silicon valley company could be bringing bik bucks to mineta san jess yeah
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international airport tomorrow ãplans to ba private hangar to house google executive jets. google planes currently housed at moffett field. >> america's largest cycling event looking for volunteers. amgen tour begins in southern california finishing in santa rosa. the race will run south to north. if you're interestedville lun tears can register at amgen tour of >> looks like a lot of fun but students are learning. >> they are. efforts to make
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coming up at 6:00 a string of pharmacy hold ups only on abc 7 news drugs they're after, what it could mean when you go to fill a prescription. also, dan ashley talks to the president about his agenda for the second term and stumbling block that could prevent a fast start. and bay area couple headed for hollywood with front-row tickets to the oscar autos thank you. >> radio+éur)ç disney trying toe science the star treatment. >> it's actually a science lesson. students learned about kinetic energy from break dancers. >> a chal dwrompk look at sciences in a different way
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through our activities and our engaging entertainment we've created. >> what a great idea. >> radio disney show will travel to 14 schools in the bay area there, was no dancing in my this is "world news." right now, 60 million americans in the path of a record-breaking storm. we take you into the heart of the blizzard and show you what you should have in the car to be safe. shooting on the strip. a gun fight, right in front of the famous casinos in las vegas. new details on the unfolding mystery. direct hit. our terry moran making his way through the smoke of car bombs in syria. and david muir on nuclear defiance from iran tonight. and real answers. you sweat it out on the exercise machine, but how accurate are
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those calories and distance numbers? stay tuned. good evening. at this very moment, 60 million americans are trying to navigate a record-breaking storm. the snow and the ice and even the explosive force of what experts call thundersnow. and the heartland is taking the hardest hit. look at kansas. a highway of motionless cars stretching out to the horizon. abc's meteorologist ginger zee is standing in the middle of what would ordinarily be rush hour in topektopeka, right, gin? >> reporter: diane, i'm here in kansas where they have declared a state of emergency, and yes, this is downtown topeka, main roads, nobody on them. big piles of snow, still very


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